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PS Multi Tools PS多用器v12.0.2



  2016-2-21 19:41:32 上传

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  2016-2-21 19:41:31 上传

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  PS Multi Tools

  All-in-one Playstation Management Tool for Windows.

  Compatible with PS2 & PS3 Games.

  Features of PS Multi Tools

  PS3 Tools

  Sign PKG Files

  Format Large External HDDs in FAT32

  Modify PARAM.SFO Files

  Decrypt & Sign EBOOT.BIN Files

  Compare MD5 Hashes

  Convert PSX Game to PS3 PKG

  Convert PS2 Game to PS3 compatible Game

  Download PS3 Covers

  Compress or Extract ISO Files

  PS2 Tools

  Easy SMB Setup to share your ISOs within your Network

  PAL to NTSC ISO Converter

  NTSC to PAL ISO Converter

  Various ELF/ISO Loaders

  Compress Games into ISO File

  Extract PS2 ISO Games

  Format HDD to use with your PS2

  Download PS2 Covers


  PS Multi Tools v12 [Space] is now available.

  This is a re-designed version of PS Multi Tools with a lot of improvements and updated features.

  New Features

  PS3 Library - Now loading PKG files into Library

  PS2 Library - Now loading PS2 ISO files into Library

  PS2 Library - Compress selected game folder as ISO or extract GameISO


  PS3 Library - Changed from ListView to DataGridView

  PS3 Library - Improved loading games

  PS3 Library - You can set now the Backup Directory in "Settings->Save Games into this directory:"

  PS Multi Tools - Internet Connection is not more required but recommended


  PS3 Library - Loading folders instead of games

  PS3 Library - ContextMenu opened everywhere

  ISO Tools - Creating & Extracting ISO files (never seemed to work)

  PS2 Library - Error message when selecting a game

  PS2 Library - Loading folders instead of games


  Copy Manager - New Copy Manager